Volunteer !!!

Volunteer !!!

The Grassroots

You ... the American Voter ... are the most feared and powerful force in Politics!

In 2016 the liberal establishment were so sure of their candidate's coronation they placed a 97% certainty on her election day victory! The one thing the elites of New York, LA and Washington did not count on was the will of the American people.

Now we have a President Donald Trump who is draining the Swamp and will Make America Great Again!

The Swamp Strikes Back

After months of vicious attacks on President Trump from the Liberal Media, Republicans suffered some defeats in 2017 in Virginia. The Commonwealth is already having 'buyer's remorse' with some of these new Delegates seriously lacking even a minimum of ethical standards. 2019 cannot come soon enough!


Donald Trump's State of the Union Address has set the stage for unprecedented Republican victories in 2018. We have an economy that is booming, the largest tax reform in history, a foreign policy to be proud of, conservatives being appointed to the courts and our President is just getting started!

The Democrats' only response is their tired old race baiting they are so famous for!

We Need You!

Political campaigns are won or lost by the grassroots. This year we have a 10th Congressional seat to keep red and a Democrat US Senator Tim Kaine to retire! We need volunteers who will talk with their neighbors, knock on doors, place signs in their yards and work the polling stations on  Election Day!

Join Your Local Committee

Your local unit committee is made up of volunteers just like you. They are your friends and neighbors who are as passionate as you about what type of country we will leave our children.

Your local unit committee is the best place to make your biggest impact on this next election.

Hope to see you there!

Join Us! We are on the Right Side of History!

Volunteer !!!