Verify the Vote !

We Need Your Help !

At the Primary this past June a husband & wife in Clarke County went to vote in their local precinct. After the husband had walked away with a Republican ballot a Poll Worker said to the wife, "You do not have to vote the same way your husband does".

Clearly subtle intimidation, and unfortunately this is not an isolated occurrence. This, and possibly much worse, is happening all over the 10th District. We need to Verify the Vote !

What Can We Do ?

By law, political parties are allowed to have observers inside every polling precinct, from the first ballot cast to the last ballot counted!

There are 203 precincts in our Congressional District. Our goal is to have 1000 volunteers throughout the 10th District observe the election process on November 6th. We need you, the grassroots, to help us guarantee there is a fair and transparent election!  Help us Verify the Vote!

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